Stop Spam!!

What:How to stop spam

Why?Do I have to ask? It wastes time, money, and resources. Its also vulgar and often shocking.

How?If you are a home or home business user read below. Curtailing spam in small business is not a 60 second discussion since it includes discussing vaious techniques such as tar pits, filtered recipient policies, UTM, and cloud based anti-spam filters. However I have a solution that right now has a 1% rejection rate achieved through proprietary behavioral analysis. There are very few people who know this stuff. Like I said you need to call me today. 619.886.1826.

Now, some key principles for everyone to stop spam…

  1. If you don’t know the person sending the email or can’t pick up the phone to verify the sender just don’t open
    the email. Delete it.
  2. Never write back asking to be taken off their list unless they have an explicit opt out policy at the bottom of the email in accordance with federal law, AND you can verify that they are a legitimate business. If they are honest it will be easy to tell.
  3. I don’t believe in anti-spam software on your computer. They don’t work well and slow your computer down. At $5 a month, cloud based spam filters clean out the spam before it gets to you.  Let me know if you want to see one in action. 
  4. Set up a junk mail account that you can use when businesses force you to give them an email address. Use anything you want; ex. or something like that.
  5. Don’t put your email in signatures or on websites with the normal email syntax. Use dave at cisco dot com or something the spam bots can’t recognize.
  6. If you are a small business then you have 5 more things you can do. Call me.
  7. Example: There is a service called that is the most devious double faced spam organizationI have ever encountered. On one hand they are a legitimate anti spam service, on the other hand, once you become their customer, they harvest then solicit your contact list for themselves, and repeat the process with the entries in your contact list. To close in for the kill, they sell all the names they have illegally harvested to spammers. There is not a lower place in the universe for these slimeballs to go. I just obtained a new client that got hit with these guys bad, and they had to bail on their sole company email address because of this criminal act.

    Detail: You can find out more detail here

    That’s 60 seconds…

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