How To Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi Networks

Starbucks, Airports, and in America’s finest city we have a TON of cafe’s with free wi-fi.   Who can pass up a chance to get some work done, the convenience is insane. So are the threats so here are some vital tips.

1.  Turn off file sharing immediately ( don’t worry I’ll show you how to do this in MAC and Windows).

2.  Turn on your windows or MAC firewall.

3.  Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) surfing and email. Don’t use pop email without SSL. For instance instead of http:// at the beginning of your URL use https:// if at all possible.

4.  Use LOLO security ( my personal favorite security technique of all time) short for Lights On Lights Off security. Turn your wireless ON when you need it and then turn the freakin thing OFF when you are not using it. I knew you’d love it.

5.  Have a decent anti-virus software installed and up to date.

6. Use strong passwords. Strong is a password with numbers, letters, and symbols all together. You no likey this? Ok. Let’s make it easy.  Hold your fingers over the keys that spell something you remember and then slide your fingers one position to the right.  For example  “ask” becomes “sdl”” and “this” becomes “yjod”. Stong and you won’t forget it. Add an ! and a good year you remember and bam! You are strong!

7. Don’t save standard SSID’s in your wireless list like Linksys, Netgear, DLink, blah blah blah. Go through that list and delete them.  You will automatically connect to them and who knows what you will be exposed to when you walk down that street.  Bad neighborhood. Don’t want to do that.

8. Run your Microsoft updates regularly.

9. Make sure your bluetooth connection isn’t discoverable.

An excellent article showed up on Lifehacker about this subject which is the inspiration for this blog. It will give you tons of details on how to do the above.

It’s insanity out there. Don’t let yourself be a victim people. Know Your Computer Stuff!

Chuck Vedrene – CEO VITServices

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