Speed Up My Computer – Know Thy Computer Stuff in 60 Seconds or Less

Slowness is always related to one of five things.

  1. Hardware degradation or impending failure
  2. Virus, malware activity
  3. Poor written application or faulty installation of one.
  4. Poor written application or faulty installation of one.
  5. System resources saturated.
  6. Lack of maintenance or OS corruption.

From my experience here is the resultant set of speed increase you can expect.

  1. 25% speed increase – Memory upgrade.(if resources are maxed out)
  2. 15- 25% speed increase – OS Maintenance – Delete, prefetch, internet temp files, clean out
    startup, limit installed programs from activating, defrag, and chkdsk
  3. 25% speed increase – Format hard drive, re-install operating system and applications
  4. 50% speed increase – Replace hard drive, re-install applications,
  5. System resources saturated.
  6. 75% – 100% speed increase – virus malware removal.


  1. Upgrade virus definitions and scan for viruses.
  2. Test laptop running with minimal applications to see if that solves the problem.
  3. Install more memory if resources show they are saturated.
  4. Replace machine if 3 years old or older if you have a technician do the work
  5. If you do the work yourself then either re-format the hard disk and re-install applications.or better yet replace hard disk first then perform the re-install.
  6. If you’re smart you will get an image of “re-modeled” computer so you won’t have to go through the time consuming setup again for virus removal, slowness, or new computer.

If you need help call Chuck at 619.886.1826. I specialize in small business technology.

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