Stolen IPAD and IPHONE: Plan Recovery Strategy Now

The top business reason why the IPAD has become a business tool is its portability and usability for many simple tasks like email and web applications. Mobility is always a blessing with a security curse when it comes to communication devices. When a device is stolen productivity loss and inconvenience demand a high price. Confidential emails are compromised; not to mention private data in applications are open to unfriendly eyes. Communication is stunted. Before you buy an IPAD or use an IPHONE for business there are some security cautions you need to put in place. Ask yourself.

1. Has my IT consultant setup my IPAD and IPHONE for remote wipe of confidential data in the event of theft?
2. Have I setup a strong password on my IPAD?
3. What is my security plan if my IPAD is stolen?

My clients do not have to worry because they all have applications installed on their devices by VIT Services to quickly find and recover the device. In the event of a theft here is the strategy to recover the stolen items.

1. VIT Services immediately performs a remote wipe or lock of the device.
2. We locate the device whereabouts remotely.
3. We notify apple that the device is stolen.
4. Of course we always encourage clients to notify the proper authorities.

The main advantage here is that with the proper San Diego IT specialist helping quickly recover your IPAD or IPHONE and close security vectors, a debilitating but common occurrence is significantly reduced.

For example, if you accidentallly left your IPhone at the movie theatre in Mission Valley and gave us a call. Within minutes the locations is known, if its in the dumpster out back or in a pawn shop. We help you notify the police, help them confiscate your device, and get it returned to you within days if not hours. Its essential technical expertise like this that sets a San Diego IT provider apart from the others.

Chuck Vedrene is CEO of VIT Services a downtown San Diego IT consultancy. Reach him at 619.886.1826 or info at

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