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"My business relies on our server application or we are out of business. When our server crashed I called VIT at 7AM. They were on site by 8:30AM and had us up and running by 10:30AM. Incredible service! Not only that but they figured out what happened so that I understood it and put measures in place to prevent it from happening again. In my opinion I wouldn't have another I.T. vendor."

John Heinkel ♦ CEO, Talon Auto - May 2010

"Our server was stolen and I've been working from home so haven't been able to synchronize my data in quite a while. As usual the sync screen comes up and I guess I pressed the wrong button because all my files completely disappeared. I panicked and called VIT and they answered the phone. We scheduled an appointment for two hours later. They called me back. Not only did they get my data back but setup a backup system that emails me to let me know the backup was good or not. Thank you VIT. You saved my business!"

Sara Leish ♦ CFO, - May 2010

"My entire business runs on my desktop. Blue screens started happening. I decided to replace it, but I did not want to learn a new system. VIT ordered a special high quality desktop with 2 disk drives for redundancy and told me to it would take 7 business days to arrive; and that there would be no changes. That was Friday, the following Tuesday the new computer was in my office with all my old data transferred to it and running just the way it was before except with no problems. Wow! They upgraded my QuickBooks to the latest versions, helped me reset all my passwords, documented everything, and setup up my backup. We are planning offsite backups as well. I'm not used to this kind of service from an I.T. company. Amazing!"

Janet Leigh ♦ CFO, AllRoads Communications - May 2010

"Our business got hit by the slow economy and we were losing business fast. I signed up with yellow pages to get Google results but the results weren't there. To say VIT got us Google juice is an understatement. We are in the top 5 for over a 100 keywords on Google and yahoo and get 10 hits a day. We are getting more phone calls and business is growing again. I had a friend try to setup my iphone but it didn't work. VIT got it setup and it works great. We also got a virus. Every time that happens they have to take the computer for a couple of days then bring it back and we get this big bill. VIT came on site and got rid of the virus, and totally restored the computer just the way it was before in 2 hours. I wish we had VIT years ago. For the first time our I.T. is helping us generate more income."

Audie Garcia ♦ CEO, Legend Fence Corporation - April 2010

"Our website was sinking on Google. VIT has top notch partners. We lost thousands of dollars using crappy SEO companies. VIT referred an SEO company that is a trusted partner with them. They completely re-worked our website with the right Google juice. We just closed two deals thanks to that. With a tight budget VIT worked with us. Our new printer is a workhorse and saving half on Photoshop is great. When we ran out of budget on the project VIT pointed us to videos that instructed us how to upgrade the desktop memory myself. They even have trusted vendors to train me on Photoshop. WOW! It is so easy having one phone number for every technology need. VIT represents a huge value for our company."

J. Rob Handley ♦ Sales Manager for North and South America, Atlas International - April 2010

"Using the flat fee model with VITServices our projected annual expenditure for I.T. is a 40% savings over last year. It's comforting to know that in an emergency we have a 1 hour response and 4 hours onsite in an emergency. Did I mention you guys are super nice and know so much about technology? We are happy to have you as our I.T. Vendor."

Bernadette Gordon ♦ Office Manager, Majestic Stoneworks Inc - March 2010

"It was unbelievable. Right in the middle of tax season all of our email became undeliverable to our clients. As we've come to expect over the years with VIT, they answered the phone and within an hour knew exactly what was going on and started making phone calls to our ISP vendor and who at first denied the problem, but VIT was persistent and got the matter handled. They straightened matters out with AOL, Yahoo, Google, AT&T, Cox and others right away. Within hours the problem started clearing up and was totally fixed by the next day. VIT is and has been a valued part of our operation here at Tax-Wealth since 2008. Such expertise and responsiveness is indispensable to us"

Brian Dawidowicz ♦ Principal, San Diego Tax and Wealth Management - March 2010